Term 2 2011

Steve’s Chairs

Steve sanding his 8 chairs. Tasmanian Blackwood and Celery Top

“Nice work Steve……..so, now you have the hang of chair making, are you going to make another couple of sets for the kids!!!!!!!!!!!???”

and later, the completed piece.

Dave’s Wardrobe

Now Dave, making all those drawers is going to take some time. It’s all about Zen and the Art of Drawer Making.

Lovely work. The inlay in the doors looks spectacular!

Debbie’s Dining Table

Tasmanian Blackwood

Beautiful work Deb. No, I can’t see the 0.5mm long microscopic sanding mark and yes, the blotches on photo are sawdust on my camera

John’s Coffee Table

John, John, John this is cabineting making not carpentry. Can you put the electric wood chewer back in the van and take up the tool of ‘ye old masters!

Cathy’s TV Cabinet

Tassie Oak. Great work Cathy.

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